1. The Competition is open to all songwriters (amateur or professional) worldwide who are of Filipino citizenship or of Filipino descent. Minors may join provided that they submit a written consent from a parent or guardian.
  2. All employees of ABS-CBN, members of their immediate household, or their relatives up to the fourth degree of affinity or consanguinity are not qualified to join the Competition.


  1. Number of Entries
    1. An individual composer or lyricist may submit or collaborate on a maximum of two (2) Entries. Each Entry may be composed by one (1) individual or may be a collaboration of up to three (3) writers, who shall collectively be treated as one (1) Contestant.
    2. Only the first two entries involving the same writer shall be accepted. His/her third and succeeding entries shall automatically be disqualified.
  2. Technical requirement of songs
    1. Each entry must be an original composition of the contestant and all rights of copyright to the entry must be owned exclusively by the contestant.
    2. The following compositions shall not be eligible as entries: Those which have been previously published, recorded or released in any part of the world; Those which have been commissioned by a third party; Those which are found to contain two (2) or more bars of melody or lyrics similar to that of a published or released song in the Philippines or abroad; and any entry which in the sole determination of ABS-CBN is not suitable by reason of content.
  3. Lyrics
    1. The lyrics must be in Filipino or English or a combination of both.
    2. If the lyrics include a word which does not have a general and accepted definition, the contestant must explain the basis for including the word through a footnote in the lyric sheets.
    3. Words which are registered trademarks are not allowed.
  4. Form and Length of Entries
    1. The contestant must accomplish the required fields found on the Himig Handog site upon submission of entry. If an Entry has two (2) or more individual composers or lyricists, all fields must be completely filled-up.
    2. Sender will receive a notification whether the submission is successful or not. Sender may repeat the procedure if ever the submission failed.
    3. The melody and lyrics of an entry shall be final once submitted, and may not be altered or modified prior to the selection of the Finalists. A song selected as Finalist may be modified subject to the prior approval of the Competition Committee.
    4. A composition may consist of any musical arrangement, including a capella. However, instrumental compositions are not allowed.
    5. The song must not exceed four (4) minutes inclusive of intro and extro.
    6. Entries submitted to ABS-CBN shall not be returned.
  5. Submission of Entries
    1. There are no fees or charges for joining this competition.
    2. All entries should be submitted to [email protected]
      Submission of all entries shall be purely online. We shall not be accepting entries thru mail, courier or by hand-delivery.
    3. The submission facilities of the of the official competition website shall be disabled on July 31 . However, the competition organizers reserve the right to extend the deadline, the date of which shall be posted on the official competition website and other multi-media platforms.
    4. The Secretariat shall check each entry for compliance with the above requirements and in its sole discretion may require other documents as needed.